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The Different Gum Diseases

Did you notice any blood when brushing your teeth? If you did, it is telling you that you have a gum problem. So, what is gum disease or gingivitis? Gingivitis is the mild type of gum disease wherein there is a swelling of the tissues around and supporting the teeth. This is a result of […]

The Benefits of Dental Cleaning

Do you make it a habit to have a dental cleaning of your teeth? Bad hygiene are connected to a lot of critical illnesses. Related medical and dental problems include cardiovascular disease, bone loss, cancers, and a whole lot of health issues. Brushing and flossing is good but not enough. You also need to see […]

Strong and Healthy Teeth for the Whole Family

Having a family who has strong and healthy teeth is such a satisfying thing. Aside from an awesome smile, they could chew their food well and benefit from the nutrition. Chewing the food well helps the digestive system. The secret here is to teach your family good dental hygiene. If you hadn’t yet, now is […]

Understanding Tartar and How It Affects Oral Health

If you think brushing your teeth, flossing, and using mouthwash is enough think again. Despite your good hygiene your mouth has bacteria. They blend with by-products of food and proteins and form a gluey film known as plaque. They do all the works and sticks to everywhere in your mouth. And because it has bacteria, […]

Dental Pointers for that Younger Looking Smile

Most people will do anything to get back their youth. Some would change their wardrobes, color and restyle their hair, and others go under the knife to fix a thing or two. But the truth is, you forgot one factor your smile! Oh, yes! That winning smile can make you looking younger than ever. White, […]

10 Reasons Why Your Jaw Hurts

Jaw pain is a common occurrence that happens to millions of people all over the globe. There are many reasons for this. You have to seek for professional help to diagnose your jaw pain correctly. Your physician will tell you if he could address the pain or if you have to see a dentist to […]

How to Remedy Your Toothbrushing Mistakes?

Brushing your teeth seems like an easy task, but only a few people know the correct way of doing it. Here’s the common mistakes that you do: You bought the wrong brush. There are many choices of toothbrushes in the supermarket. And you can be confused on what to pick. A dentist advised that the […]

What Can You Do to Stop Bad Breath?

Having bad breath or halitosis is such a terrible condition that could affect your confidence, your relationship with people, and even your health. To date, a large number of more than 80 million people suffers from bad breath. The usual cause is illness of the gum, loose fillings, terrible oral hygiene, tongue debris, or other […]

Tips in Treating Dental Abscess

Dental abscess is an abscess at the base of a tooth. It is actually a pocket of pus, and it is possible that a bacterial infection could have caused this. The infection developed at the top of a tooth root. Thus, it should be given the proper attention because if not, it could seem like a bump on the […]