No Need to Go to Mexico for Your Dental Care!

A trip to the dentist is something that a lot of people do not really like to do, but we just gotta do it. People avoid the pain and the price that goes with it.

If you don’t have a choice, then, the next thing you would want to do is to find a cheaper place where the dental care is a whole lot cheaper. Where do people go? Mexico!

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Why not? Dental care in the U.S. and Canada is too expensive. Another reason is that there are more or less one third of Americans does not have a dental insurance and that is a sad scenario. The difference in the cost of dental care in the U.S. as compared to Mexico is at least 70 to 75%!

Here are some examples:

The dental implants in the U.S. is $4,000.00

Price in Canada is $5,000.00

Compared to Mexico: $ 1,300.00/CAD $1,700.00

Root Canal in the U.S.: $1,300.00

Price in Canada: acad$1700.00

Compared to Mexico: $250.00/CAD $320.00

Unbelievable right? But then, you might think twice because the disparity is too much. Could it mean that Mexico’s dental service is inferior? That is not true at all. Here are the reasons why prices are low in Mexico.

  • They have cheaper operating costs.
  • Lower standard of living.
  • The competition is stiff.

Now that you are convinced there are more you have to think of before taking the leap. Ask yourselves these questions:

  • Is it an ideal place?
  • Are the dentists certified by ADA or the best American dentistry?
  • Is the price really as affordable as they say?
  • Is the quality of their service at par with the U.S.?

These questions can be answered online and you can find a place where everybody go for their dental concern. It is very safe too. Dental clinics, like Algodones Dentist, provide U.S. quality procedure yet the prices are similar to the clinics Mexico.

We’ve got it all!

Algodones Dentist can very well do various dental procedures as the dentists are skillful. Of course, with the help of technology, the dental services listed below are indeed hassle-free.

  • Full mouth restoration
  • Dental bridges
  • 3D printed tooth crown
  • Dental implants
  • 3D mouth scan for dentures
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening

Why go to Mexico?

Despite the excellent dental care offered in Mexico, people are still apprehensive about crossing the border. Of course, it is natural especially when you go to a foreign country.

We are always concerned with a lot of things. Could your schedule accommodate a trip to Mexico? How about the kids’ schedule? There many things to consider when you want to go to Mexico.

THE GOOD NEWS: there’s no need to plan a trip. We have brought an affordable dental clinic to Arizona. Algodones Dentist has highly-skilled dentists to provide you solutions.

Plus, with the excellent technology that Algodones Dentist has, you are sure of the quality of what you are getting. Of course, the price would not be as high as the U.S. standard rates.

For your dental care needs, call us at (928) 888-1888, or you may visit Algodones Dentist at 45 Capri Blvd, Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Tips in Treating Dental Abscess

Dental abscess is an abscess at the base of a tooth. It is actually a pocket of pus, and it is possible that a bacterial infection could have caused this. The infection developed at the top of a tooth root. Thus, it should be given the proper attention because if not, it could seem like a bump on the gum close to the tooth.

Dentist Woman Wearing White Gloves and White Scrubsuit Checking Boy's Teeth

Take note that this a serious state that could reach the face. This results to facial swelling which is also known as facial cellulitis. Do not take this lightly because once swelling starts it outspread rapidly.

A cavity in the tooth or a crack can start a dental abscess. The excruciating pain can worsen by drinking cold or hot drinks or masticating hard food. The difficult part is when it extend from your tooth to the ear or jaw on the same side as where the abscess is.

House care:

  • Do not eat or take hot or cold drinks and foods. If your teeth are sensitive then these change in temperature may make the pain worst. It would be good if you do not chew at the side where the abscess is.
  • In case of a cracked tooth or a big open cavity, you can apply oil of cloves to the tooth to ease the pain. It is available at your nearest drugstores. A few pharmacies have this “toothache kit” to use for first aid. It has paste for sensitive teeth and you could apply it to the open tooth.
  • To lessen the pain, put a cold pack on the affected area.
  • You can take medication you get from the counter but be cautious if you have kidney, chronic liver disease, GI bleeding or a stomach ulcer in the past before using a medicine that has ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
  • Antibiotic will be prescribed to you and follow the dentist’s direction. Do not skip any doses.

Follow-up care:

Do not skip on a follow up visit to your dentist or oral surgeon as was advised to you. Serious cases of facial cellulitis must be examined in 24 hours. Remember that  infection can continue to be a major concern until the infection has been discharged.

Call Aldogones Dental if these happens:

  • Relentless, persevering pounding toothache extending to the jawbone, ear, or neck.
  • If the swelling reaches the upper half of your neck or face.
  • Your eyelids swells and has closed.
  • Strange dizziness
  • Stiff neck or headache.
  • Feeling of weakness and faint.
  • A hard time breathing or swallowing.
  • When the pain reaches the neck
  • Tender, bulged lymph nodes below your jaw or neck.
  • Sudden presence of foul-tasting, foul-smelling, salty liquefy in the mouth and the pain is suddenly was relieved.
  • Fever of 100.4 F or more.

For any dental emergencies and dental-related concerns, call Aldogones Dentist at (928) 888-1888. Our clinic is at 45 Capri Blvd, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 86403. You don’t have to be in New York to go to a great dental clinic, Aldogones Dentist has the expertise and the equipment that offers  lower charge but the same New York service.